[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Name clash when using the system libjpeg

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at redhat.com
Wed Apr 30 14:17:19 UTC 2014

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> Hi,
> After updating OpenJDK so that system versions of the giflib, libpng and
> lcms2 libraries can be used by OpenJDK, I am looking at addressing
> libjpeg next.
> The trouble here is that there is an actual name clash between (the
> openjdk) libjpeg.so and (the system) libjpeg.so.
> Any suggestions on what to fix? Is renaming the openjdk version to
> libj2jpeg.so (or some other variant like libjavajpeg.so) acceptable?

IcedTea 2.x uses libjavajpeg.so so I suggest it is kept the same.

> Thanks,
> Omair
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