[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Openjdk java2d rasterizer JEP for pisces (marlin) enhancements ?

Mario Torre neugens.limasoftware at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 11:07:53 UTC 2015

I agree with Andrew, getting the JEP proposed is the minimum
requirement to get this work unstuck.

I believe he doesn't need to be strictly a member though, but just
author to start the process (basically to get permissions to file a
bug report).

The JEP0 doesn't seem to specify any other requirement and so JEP 2.0
draft 2 (which is what Laurent should use). It's not clear to me what
it needs to create a project, afaik only Members can do, but I don't
see it clearly worded in the Bylaws (I'm sure it's there, just I can't
see it?).


2015-02-14 19:10 GMT+01:00 Andrew Haley <aph at redhat.com>:
> On 14/02/15 14:05, Laurent Bourgès wrote:
>> Following our discussions during last FOSDEM, could you tell me how to
>> proceed in improving the java2d rasterizer (JEP or patches) ?
>> Who could help me on that topic (patch, review, test...) ?
> Creating a JEP is super-easy: you just have to follow the simple
> instructions to create the JIRA entry.  I don't know if you are an
> OpenJDK member, but if you are please do it.  If you already have the
> supporting documentation, it should be fairly simple to attach it.
> You don't need a sponsor to create the JEP: I hope that someone from
> the 2D group will be able to pick it up.  But at least if we have a
> JEP there will be something to talk about.
> Andrew.

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