[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Openjdk java2d rasterizer JEP for pisces (marlin) enhancements ?

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Tue Feb 24 19:07:48 UTC 2015


On 02/24/2015 06:51 AM, Laurent Bourgès wrote:

> Ok, I have to submit a webrev.
> There is two marlin variants:
> - marlin 0.4.5
> - marlin 0.5.5 using Unsafe for array allocation and random access to 
> store edge data as struct [float + int]
> Note: marlin 0.5.5 is 10% faster in my benchmarks.
> What variant do you prefer ?

If its going into OpenJDK I think its allowed to use sun.misc so 0.5.5 
sounds better

>     So
>     1. Work with Dalibor to get the rasteriser project have a forest
>     at http://hg.openjdk.java.net/
>     2. Integrate your marlin code there in  way that co-exists with
>     pisces and does not
>     introduce any new APIs
>     3. We will then be able to more easily create builds to ask SQE
>     run tests against it
>     and so forth.
>     4. It then becomes much easier to see the path into putting it
>     into the main repo.
> Ok, that plan looks good.
> I think step 2 will need some work (refactoring, code cleanup) in 
> collaboration with you & clemens ...

We now have that forest here : 

Due to someone being out sick we are still waiting for updates to 
servers so that you
(or I, or anyone else) can *push* there, but you can already *pull* from 
there and then work
in your local copy and generate a webrev there - that has marlin 
co-exist with pisces.

> Cheers,
> Laurent

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