[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [9]JDK-6949753:[TEST BUG]: java/awt/print/PageFormat/PDialogTest.java needs update by removing a infinite loop

Shashidhara Veerabhadraiah shashidhara.veerabhadraiah at oracle.com
Thu Jun 1 11:40:37 UTC 2017

Hi All,
Please review a fix for a test bug which contained an infinite loop to test the printer setup dialog's margin attributes retention without the manual step procedure.

The issue with PDialogTest.java which tests the printer setup dialog's margin attributes retention by having as infinite loop to keep popping up the dialog without a proper exit. The test does not cover the instruction steps necessary to properly test dialog's margin attributes retention.

The updated test file includes the standard manual test template along with test cases to cover the printer dialog's margin attributes retention feature.



Note : PrintDialog on Mac does not show page margins and hence this test does not run on Mac.

Thanks and regards,

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