[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [9] Review request for 8167102: [macosx] PrintRequestAttributeSet breaks page size set using PageFormat

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Thu Mar 30 18:42:02 UTC 2017


OK I accept your assurances regarding testing and the observed 
behaviours, so "+1" to the fix.
If you plan to push this to jdk 9 please follow the RDP2 process and add 
the required "Fix comment" and jdk9-fix-request label.


On 03/30/2017 11:32 AM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
> Hello Phil,
> Thank you very much for review of this fix. The new or the 3rd version 
> of the fix, in which I tried to address your remarks, is created and 
> is available at the next URL. The changes introduced into the fix are 
> summarized in the end of the e-mail. Could you please review the new 
> version of the fix.
> Webrev (the 3rd version): 
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alitvinov/8167102/jdk9/webrev.02
> In the second version of the fix I decided not to show the print 
> dialog just to reduce the number of manual actions. Today I have 
> practically verified that usage of either native or cross-platform 
> dialogs does not influence the test behavior anyhow,  the document is 
> printed with a wrong paper size without the fix, and with the expected 
> paper size with the fix applied.
> The user who reported the bug used "4 x 6 in" paper size, but in the 
> regression test I decided to use A5 paper size, because it is standard 
> and most importantly it is small, what lets to easily distinguish it 
> from, for example, A4 or "Letter" paper sizes usually used as default 
> on printers. But, yes, sure, the bug is not specific to A5, and to 
> observe it is necessary just to have a printer's default paper size be 
> different from a paper size in "PageFormat" set through 
> "PrinterJob.setPrintable(Printable, PageFormat)".
> I decided to mark the test, as requiring only Mac platform, because 
> the issue occurs only on OS X platform and to reduce the number of 
> manual tests for other platforms.
> Yes, sure, I verified practically and can confirm that with the 
> applied fix, if all or some of the attributes "OrientationRequested", 
> "MediaSizeName", "MediaPrintableArea" are specified in 
> "PrintRequestAttributeSet" transferred to 
> "PrinterJob.print(PrintRequestAttributeSet)" method, then the new 
> "PageFormat" based on values of these attributes is still created and 
> successfully applied to the printed page. This functionality is not 
> changed because, the new page format is created in the method 
> "RasterPrinterJob.setAttributes(PrintRequestAttributeSet)" in the "if" 
> block specified below
> "if ((orientReq != null || media != null || mpa != null) &&
>             getPageable() instanceof OpenBook) {"
> and saved in the PrinterJob in the end of this "if" block by the 
> expression "setPrintable(printable, pf);". The sequence of calls is 
> following:
> CPrinterJob.print(PrintRequestAttributeSet) --> 
> CPrinterJob.setAttributes(PrintRequestAttributeSet) --> 
> RasterPrinterJob.setAttributes(PrintRequestAttributeSet)
> In this version of the fix only the regression test was changed.
> 1) The jtreg argument "27    @requires (os.family == "mac")" was 
> removed and I verified that the test works and does not fail on 
> Windows OS and Linux OS.
> 2) Showing of the native print dialog is added to the test. 
> "102         if (job.printDialog()) {"
> 3) The next "if" block is completely removed, because the condition 
> will never be fulfilled.
>     94         if (isoA5Size == null) {
>     95             throw new RuntimeException(
>     96                 "No 'MediaSize' was found for 
> 'MediaSizeName.ISO_A5'.");
>     97         }
> 4) The test timeout "60     private static final int testTimeout = 
> 300000;" is increased from previous 3 minutes to 5 minutes.
> 5) The hard coded instruction for execution of the test was changed to 
> better reflect the test.
> Thank you,
> Anton
> On 3/29/2017 8:34 PM, Philip Race wrote:
>> If the test is manual anyway, why does it not display a dialog so it 
>> is easier
>> to run. On mac you can always then save as PDF so the "virtual 
>> printer" isn't needed.
>> Note: this assumes you are using the native dialog not the Swing one.
>> Does this in some way change the test so that it passed anyway ?
>> I also think you should try to verify this with
>> (a) after displaying the cross-platform dialogs.
>> (b) after displaying the native dialogs.
>> There are an amazing number of code paths here ..
>> throw new RuntimeException(
>>                 "No 'MediaSize' was found for 'MediaSizeName.ISO_A5'.");
>> Why insist on A5 ? Any number of sizes should work ?
>> And making the test fail in such a case is plain wrong.
>> Why    @requires (os.family == "mac")
>> since the test can run everywhere ? And it should pass everywhere too.
>> This should be fixed.
>> The directory name in the test is gratuitous and unneeded and
>> the test name itself is ridiculously long.
>> Instead let's call it
>> Regarding the fix itself I am unclear what the impact is in
>> the case the app supplies an attribute set that *does* have one or
>> more attributes that affect PageFormat.  It might well be that
>> these are applied already but I'd like assurance that has been verified.
>> Some of the code references below seem to be a bit munged by mail
>> so I can't work out what is being said.
>> -phil.
>> On 3/28/17, 5:55 AM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
>>> Hello Prasanta,
>>> The correct "PageFormat" for each separate page is retrieved in the 
>>> native function "PrinterView.m::rectForPage:(NSInteger)" by invoking 
>>> the Java method 
>>> "CPrinterJob.getPageformatPrintablePeekgraphics(int)" with the first 
>>> expression specified below and getting the value of "PageFormat" 
>>> from the returned array with the second expression specified below.
>>> "jobjectArray objectArray = JNFCallObjectMethod(env, fPrinterJob, 
>>> jm_getPageformatPrintablePeekgraphics, jPageNumber); // 
>>> AWT_THREADING Safe (AWTRunLoopMode)"
>>> "jobject pageFormat = (*env)->GetObjectArrayElement(env, 
>>> objectArray, 0);"
>>> But in that native method "PrinterView.m::rectForPage" only the page 
>>> orientation field "mOrientation" of the retrieved "PageFormat" for 
>>> each page is analyzed and is set to "NSPrintInfo" object through 
>>> "NSPrintOperation". Thus for some reason at that method analysis of 
>>> the paper size is ignored.
>>> So obviously not taking into account individual paper size of the 
>>> pages for the case, which you described, when the user's code 
>>> specifies different "PageFormat" instances for different pages of 
>>> the document, should take place in JDK, though I did not verify this 
>>> practically. But this issue existed before my fix and is not a 
>>> result of the fix.
>>> I do not see anything bad in the hard coded "0" page number used in 
>>> my fix, because we need to initialize "NSPrintInfo" with a valid 
>>> page size and the page size of the first page of the document is the 
>>> only correct or appropriate value for this moment, and because this 
>>> approach already exists in "RasterPrinterJob.java" as the next 
>>> expression.
>>> "PageFormat pf = (PageFormat)pageable.getPageFormat(0).clone();"
>>> From my point of view, the issue about disrespect of different paper 
>>> sizes for different pages of the document is the issue which is 
>>> different from the issue described in this bug (JDK-8167102) and 
>>> should be fixed separately from my bug, because:
>>> - In my bug "java.awt.print.Printable" interface is involved, while 
>>> in this new issue "java.awt.print.Pageable" interface is the 
>>> explicit requirement;
>>> - In my bug calling "PrinterJob.print(PrintRequestAttributeSet)" 
>>> with a non-empty "PrintRequestAttributeSet" is the obligatory and 
>>> the key requirement, while in the new issue this condition is 
>>> irrelevant.
>>> - For my bug one regression test is necessary, while for the new 
>>> issue the different regression test is necessary.
>>> Therefore I suggest to file a separate bug for the discovered issue 
>>> and to address it separately from this bug (JDK-8167102). Would you 
>>> agree with this suggestion? Would you approve the second version of 
>>> the fix for the bug JDK-8167102?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Anton
>>> On 3/28/2017 12:46 PM, Prasanta Sadhukhan wrote:
>>>> Hi Anton,
>>>> On 3/27/2017 10:05 PM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
>>>>> Hello Prasanta,
>>>>> Indeed it is Mac specific, as it was written in my previous 
>>>>> e-mail, I verified this fact on Windows OS and Linux OS by your 
>>>>> request.
>>>>> Yes, I am fully sure that, when the bug occurs, the paper size of 
>>>>> the printed page is wrong, as it is stated in the bug, and I am 
>>>>> fully sure that with the applied any of 2 versions of the created 
>>>>> fix, the paper size of the printed page becomes correct and as 
>>>>> expected. Otherwise, I would not send the fix for review. The 
>>>>> instruction, by following which the bug can be reproduced, is 
>>>>> written in "STEPS TO FOLLOW TO REPRODUCE THE PROBLEM :" section of 
>>>>> the description of the bug in JBS. This bug is raised by the user, 
>>>>> who owns a support contract and requests for resolution of this 
>>>>> bug, this can be seen in proper comments of the bug record.
>>>>> The automated regression test is not possible for this bug, since 
>>>>> it is necessary to verify visually that the document is physically 
>>>>> printed on the paper of the expected size. Otherwise, I would send 
>>>>> the 1st version of the fix with the automated test already, it is 
>>>>> not the first bug in JDK on which I have been working. By your 
>>>>> request the regression test, even though it is manual, was created 
>>>>> and added to the 2nd version of the fix.
>>>>> Yes, it is correct, the implemented by the test, and the test case 
>>>>> method "Printable.print(Graphics, PageFormat, int)" receives the 
>>>>> correct instance of "PageFormat" in runtime in scenario described 
>>>>> in this bug, because, as you already described, it is extracted 
>>>>> using the expression "pageable.getPageFormat(pageIndex)" in the 
>>>>> Java method 
>>>>> "sun.lwawt.macosx.CPrinterJob.getPageformatPrintablePeekgraphics(int)" 
>>>>> called from "PrinterView.m::rectForPage:(NSInteger)" and further 
>>>>> transferred in this method to the Java method 
>>>>> "sun.lwawt.macosx.CPrinterJob.printAndGetPageFormatArea".
>>>>> The wrong paper size which is returned from the method 
>>>>> "RasterPrinterJob.getPageFormatFromAttributes()" and which is set 
>>>>> to certain fields of the Objective-C  object "NSPrintInfo" in the 
>>>>> function "CPrinterJob.m::javaPaperToNSPrintInfo" through the next 
>>>>> call sequence
>>>>> CPrinterJob.m::printLoop() --> 
>>>>> CPrinterJob.m::javaPrinterJobToNSPrintInfo() --> 
>>>>> CPrinterJob.m::javaPageFormatToNSPrintInfo() --> 
>>>>> CPrinterJob.m::javaPaperToNSPrintInfo()
>>>>> further influences physical size of all pages printed by 1 printer 
>>>>> job.
>>>>> Thus, I consider that firstly "PageFormat" returned from 
>>>>> "RasterPrinterJob.getPageFormatFromAttributes()" is wrong, and 
>>>>> secondly setting paper size from this wrong "PageFormat" to proper 
>>>>> fields of "NSPrintInfo" object is also incorrect and is a root 
>>>>> cause of this bug.
>>>> OK. So, pageformat values set to native NSPrintInfo is different 
>>>> (wrong) compared to what is being passed to user.
>>>>> Implementation of Java Print Server API surely contains many 
>>>>> issues, and only working on this bug I already encountered 2 
>>>>> additional different issues, which are described in one of my 
>>>>> comments in this bug record in JBS. However, I prefer to resolve 
>>>>> issues separately and to resolve this particular bug also 
>>>>> separately from other issues which we can indefinitely find while 
>>>>> looking at the code and debugging it, also because it is necessary 
>>>>> to deliver the fix for this bug to "jdk8u-dev" repository finally, 
>>>>> while JDK 9 is currently in RDP 2 phase at which large fixes 
>>>>> affecting more platforms or large code scope would hardly be 
>>>>> accepted by Group and Area leads or the release team.
>>>>> I would like to bring also your attention again to the fact, which 
>>>>> was mentioned in my previous e-mail, that I already ran all manual 
>>>>> and automatic "jtreg" regression tests related to printing from 
>>>>> open and closed parts of JDK on JDK 9 without the fix and with the 
>>>>> fix, what is 198 tests.
>>>>> Do you find anything incorrect in the 2nd version of the fix? Will 
>>>>> you approve the 2nd version of the fix?
>>>> I think there might be a (probable) issue with this fix. PageFormat 
>>>> of 1st page only is used to get the information.
>>>> jobject page = JNFCallObjectMethod(env, srcPrinterJob, 
>>>> jm_getPageFormat, (jint)0);
>>>> What if user has set different pageformat to different page like 
>>>> this below? Will it not lose the 2nd page pageformat? I guess in 
>>>> windows/linux, we obtain pageformat for each pageindex
>>>> PrinterJob job = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();
>>>> // Create a landscape pageformat
>>>> PageFormat pfl = job.defaultPage();
>>>> pfl.setOrientation(PageFormat.LANDSCAPE);
>>>> //Setup a book
>>>> Book bk = new Book();
>>>> bk.append(new xPrintable(), pfl); // 1st page landscape , can be 
>>>> diff. pagesize too
>>>> bk.append(new xxPrintable(), job.defaultPage()); //2nd page portrait
>>>> job.setPageable(bk);
>>>> Regards
>>>> Prasanta
>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>> Anton
>>>>> On 3/27/2017 9:52 AM, Prasanta Sadhukhan wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Anton,
>>>>>> Ok. So, it seems it mac specific. But, are you sure wrong page 
>>>>>> size is used in mac as is claimed in the bug?
>>>>>> I thought we could use automated regression test instead of 
>>>>>> manual by checking pageformat value in print() as compared to 
>>>>>> what user passes in setPrintable().
>>>>>> Then, I see in print() method in testcase, the "PageFormat" 
>>>>>> argument passed has same values as it is passed in setPrintable() 
>>>>>> in main() even without your fix.
>>>>>> If I reverse trace from print() method present in testcase, I see 
>>>>>> it is called from CPrinterJob.java#printAndGetPageFormatArea()
>>>>>> which is called from PrinterView.m#rectForPage. And before 
>>>>>> calling printAndGetPageFormatArea() it calls 
>>>>>> getPageformatPrintablePeekgraphics() which calls 
>>>>>> pageable.getPageFormat(pageIndex), so it should behave same as 
>>>>>> windows. Am I missing something?
>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>> Prasanta
>>>>>> On 3/27/2017 3:32 AM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
>>>>>>> Hello Prasanta,
>>>>>>> I verified that the bug is not reproducible using JDK 9 compiled 
>>>>>>> from the latest version of "jdk9/client" forest neither on 
>>>>>>> Windows, nor on Linux platform, therefore, yes, this bug is only 
>>>>>>> Mac specific. Debugging showed that on Windows platform the 
>>>>>>> behavior is exactly like you described, on Windows 
>>>>>>> "RasterPrinterJob.print(PrintRequestAttributeSet)" method is 
>>>>>>> responsible for printing the documents and in this method 
>>>>>>> "RasterPrinterJob.printPage(Pageable, int)" is called for each 
>>>>>>> page separately, and in this "printPage" method "PageFormat" 
>>>>>>> instance used for printing of the page is extracted from the the 
>>>>>>> transferred as the method argument instance of "Pageable" by the 
>>>>>>> expression "origPage = document.getPageFormat(pageIndex);".
>>>>>>> The new version of the fix was created. Could you please review 
>>>>>>> the second version of the fix.
>>>>>>> Webrev (the 2nd version): 
>>>>>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alitvinov/8167102/jdk9/webrev.01
>>>>>>> In the second version of the fix:
>>>>>>> 1. Calling for "RasterPrinterJob.getPageFormatFromAttributes()" 
>>>>>>> was substituted for 
>>>>>>> "sun.lwawt.macosx.CPrinterJob.getPageFormat(int)" in the native 
>>>>>>> method "CPrinterJob.m#javaPrinterJobToNSPrintInfo".
>>>>>>> 2. The method "RasterPrinterJob.getPageFormatFromAttributes()" 
>>>>>>> was removed, since it is not called from any other code in "jdk" 
>>>>>>> repository.
>>>>>>> 3. The manual regression test was created.
>>>>>>> Also on OS X I executed all manual and automatic "jtreg" 
>>>>>>> regression tests related to printing from the listed below 
>>>>>>> directories and the corresponding directories in the closed 
>>>>>>> repositories using both JDK 9 compiled without and with the fix, 
>>>>>>> and I verified that no new test failed on JDK 9 with the fix.
>>>>>>> The directories with the regression tests from open repositories:
>>>>>>> - "jdk/test/java/awt/print"
>>>>>>> - "jdk/test/javax/print"
>>>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>>>> Anton
>>>>>>> On 3/22/2017 7:42 AM, Prasanta Sadhukhan wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi Anton,
>>>>>>>> I thought about your point and have a question: does this issue 
>>>>>>>> not reproduce in non-mac platform?
>>>>>>>> I thought it probably would so suggested modifying 
>>>>>>>> setAttributes() . But, if it is only reproduced in mac, we need 
>>>>>>>> to find out why despite this setAttributes() flaw, how this is 
>>>>>>>> working in non-mac platform?
>>>>>>>> It probably might work in windows/linux because in 
>>>>>>>> RasterPrinterJob.print(attr) method, after it calls 
>>>>>>>> setAttributes(), it calls printPage() where it gets the 
>>>>>>>> original PageFormat
>>>>>>>> by calling getPageFormat(pageIndex) and gets the orientation, 
>>>>>>>> imageablearea
>>>>>>>> and not by constructing pageFormat from attributes as it is 
>>>>>>>> done in mac.
>>>>>>>> So, probably, in mac also, we need to do away with 
>>>>>>>> getPageFormatFromAttributes() call  and call 
>>>>>>>> getPageFormat(pageIndex) from 
>>>>>>>> CPrinterJob.m#javaPrinterJobToNSPrintInfo().
>>>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>>>> Prasanta
>>>>>>>> On 3/21/2017 8:15 PM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hello Prasanta,
>>>>>>>>> Thank you for review of this fix. I have tried to apply the 
>>>>>>>>> approach which you suggested and it allowed to resolve the 
>>>>>>>>> issue. In this case I agree that it would be more correct to 
>>>>>>>>> resolve the issue in 
>>>>>>>>> "RasterPrinterJob.setAttributes(PrintRequestAttributeSet)" 
>>>>>>>>> method. In the first version of the fix I decided to change 
>>>>>>>>> the method "RasterPrinterJob.getPageFormatFromAttributes()", 
>>>>>>>>> because it is invoked only from 1 place in JDK code and this 
>>>>>>>>> place is located in OS X specific code 
>>>>>>>>> "jdk/src/java.desktop/macosx/native/libawt_lwawt/awt/CPrinterJob.m", 
>>>>>>>>> so that would automatically minimize the affected by the fix 
>>>>>>>>> platforms to OS X only.
>>>>>>>>> Starting to work on implementation of the second version of 
>>>>>>>>> the fix including the regression test.
>>>>>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>>>>>> Anton
>>>>>>>>> On 3/21/2017 12:52 PM, Prasanta Sadhukhan wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> I think the real problem is not in 
>>>>>>>>>> RasterPrinterJob.getPageFormatFromAttributes().
>>>>>>>>>> One can see that, when we call 
>>>>>>>>>> RasterPrinterJob.setPrintable(), we call 
>>>>>>>>>> updatePageAttributes() which in turn calls 
>>>>>>>>>> updateAttributesWithPageFormat() where orientation, media and 
>>>>>>>>>> mediaprintablearea "attributes" get populated/cached from the 
>>>>>>>>>> "pageformat" supplied by the user.
>>>>>>>>>> But, when PrinterJob.print(PrintRequestAttributeSet) is 
>>>>>>>>>> called, it calls setAttributes(attributes) where "attributes" 
>>>>>>>>>> is what is populated by the user. It does not contain 
>>>>>>>>>> orientation,media and mediaprintablearea attributes for this 
>>>>>>>>>> bug, so setAttributes sets cached attribute with this 
>>>>>>>>>> user-set attribute instance
>>>>>>>>>> />>else {//
>>>>>>>>>> //>>            // for AWT where pageable is not an instance 
>>>>>>>>>> of OpenBook,//
>>>>>>>>>> //>>            // we need to save paper info//
>>>>>>>>>> // >>           this.attributes = attributes;//
>>>>>>>>>> // >>       }//
>>>>>>>>>> /
>>>>>>>>>> //thereby losing the attributes it has cached earlier from 
>>>>>>>>>> user pageformat. I think we should check if this.attributes 
>>>>>>>>>> is not null, then retain those attributes unless explicitly 
>>>>>>>>>> set by the user in user-defined attributes.
>>>>>>>>>> But, this code is used by windows,linux,mac so it needs to be 
>>>>>>>>>> tested against all those platforms to ensure we are not 
>>>>>>>>>> regressing anything.
>>>>>>>>>> Also, I think user should call validatePage(PageFormat) in 
>>>>>>>>>> application to check if the settings passed is compatible 
>>>>>>>>>> with the printer or not, get compatible/adjusted pageformat 
>>>>>>>>>> and call setPrintable() with that "adjusted" pageformat. If 
>>>>>>>>>> user pass 0,0,fullpaperwidth,fullpaperheight as 
>>>>>>>>>> imageablearea, then he should not expect this setting to be 
>>>>>>>>>> used since printer will have its own hardware limitation (and 
>>>>>>>>>> use some offset printing)
>>>>>>>>>> BTW, a regression testcase (even if it is manual) should be 
>>>>>>>>>> created with the fix.
>>>>>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>>>>>> Prasanta
>>>>>>>>>> On 3/17/2017 10:59 PM, Anton Litvinov wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>>>>>> Could you please review the following fix for the bug.
>>>>>>>>>>> Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8167102
>>>>>>>>>>> Webrev: 
>>>>>>>>>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alitvinov/8167102/jdk9/webrev.00
>>>>>>>>>>> The bug consists in the fact that, if the user's application 
>>>>>>>>>>> specifies the required page size (media size) through 
>>>>>>>>>>> "java.awt.print.PrinterJob" API particularly via 
>>>>>>>>>>> "java.awt.print.PageFormat" instance supplied to the method 
>>>>>>>>>>> "PrinterJob.setPrintable(Printable, PageFormat)" and calls 
>>>>>>>>>>> "PrinterJob.print(PrintRequestAttributeSet)" with 
>>>>>>>>>>> "javax.print.attribute.PrintRequestAttributeSet" containing 
>>>>>>>>>>> at least 1 any "PrintRequestAttribute", then the page or 
>>>>>>>>>>> pages will be printed with "PageFormat" describing the 
>>>>>>>>>>> default page size of the printer which is different from the 
>>>>>>>>>>> expected and originally set by the user's application 
>>>>>>>>>>> "PageFormat".
>>>>>>>>>>> Debugging showed that the new "PageFormat" with unexpected 
>>>>>>>>>>> media size is created in the method 
>>>>>>>>>>> "sun.print.RasterPrinterJob.getPageFormatFromAttributes()" 
>>>>>>>>>>> which is invoked from the native function 
>>>>>>>>>>> "jdk/src/java.desktop/macosx/native/libawt_lwawt/awt/CPrinterJob.m::javaPrinterJobToNSPrintInfo". 
>>>>>>>>>>> The method "RasterPrinterJob.getPageFormatFromAttributes()" 
>>>>>>>>>>> returns a new "PageFormat" always, if the provided by the 
>>>>>>>>>>> user "PrintRequestAttributeSet" is not empty, and the 
>>>>>>>>>>> default values are set to particular instance variables of 
>>>>>>>>>>> this "PageFormat", if "PrintRequestAttributeSet" does not 
>>>>>>>>>>> contain the searched "OrientationRequested", 
>>>>>>>>>>> "MediaSizeName", "MediaPrintableArea" attributes.
>>>>>>>>>>> THE SOLUTION:
>>>>>>>>>>> Although it is clearly stated in Java Platform SE 8 API 
>>>>>>>>>>> Specification (documentation of the method 
>>>>>>>>>>> "PrinterJob.print(PrintRequestAttributeSet)")
>>>>>>>>>>> Specification URL: 
>>>>>>>>>>> http://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/awt/print/PrinterJob.html#print-javax.print.attribute.PrintRequestAttributeSet-
>>>>>>>>>>> that media size, orientation and imageable area attributes 
>>>>>>>>>>> specified in "PrintRequestAttributeSet" supplied to the 
>>>>>>>>>>> method "PrinterJob.print" will be used for construction of a 
>>>>>>>>>>> new "PageFormat", which will be passed to "Printable" 
>>>>>>>>>>> object, instead of the original "PageFormat" instance set 
>>>>>>>>>>> through "PrinterJob.setPrintable" method, the observed in 
>>>>>>>>>>> this issue behavior is a bug, because in the bug test case 
>>>>>>>>>>> neither media size, nor orientation, nor imageable area 
>>>>>>>>>>> attributes are specified in "PrintRequestAttributeSet".
>>>>>>>>>>> The fix alters the method 
>>>>>>>>>>> "sun.print.RasterPrinterJob.getPageFormatFromAttributes()" 
>>>>>>>>>>> to use corresponding values from "PageFormat" instance 
>>>>>>>>>>> originally set through "PrinterJob" API during construction 
>>>>>>>>>>> of the new "PageFormat", when it is found out that 
>>>>>>>>>>> "OrientationRequested", or "MediaSizeName", or 
>>>>>>>>>>> "MediaPrintableArea" attribute is not specified in 
>>>>>>>>>>> "PrintRequestAttributeSet" supplied to "PrinterJob.print" 
>>>>>>>>>>> method.
>>>>>>>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>>>>>>>> Anton

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