[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [10] RFR JDK-8189702: Broken links in javadoc for Adobe TIFF related documents

Jayathirth D V jayathirth.d.v at oracle.com
Thu Nov 2 05:20:00 UTC 2017

Hello Phil & Brian,


Thanks for your inputs.


I have removed the references to TIFF links since we don't have proper replacement from Adobe for the same.

Please find updated webrev for review:






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Subject: Re: [OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [10] RFR JDK-8189702: Broken links in javadoc for Adobe TIFF related documents


wayback links are absolutely the wrong thing to use.

Assuming Adobe does not repair their website breakage, then deleting those
non-essential links is probably the best thing to do .. it will be less of a problem
in the future.


On 10/31/2017 08:02 AM, Brian Burkhalter wrote:

Hi Jay, 


I agree about using the ITU link. As to the Wayback links, I think that is more of a general policy decision that I cannot make so I will leave that to others. I do not know what the constraints are regarding which external sites we should have links to.






On Oct 30, 2017, at 10:56 PM, Jayathirth D V <HYPERLINK "mailto:jayathirth.d.v at oracle.com"jayathirth.d.v at oracle.com> wrote:

I tried finding references pointing to TIFF spec, TIFF Page maker notes & TIFF Photoshop notes but I was not able to find any links from Adobe which can replace presently available links.


For TIFF Page Maker & TIFF Photoshop notes the only available links are from Wayback archive and for TIFF spec we have links from ITU(https://www.itu.int/itudoc/itu-t/com16/tiff-fx/docs/tiff6.pdf ) and AlternaTIFF(http://www.alternatiff.com/resources/TIFFPM6.pdf ) among them I feel ITU one is more relevant to keep in Javadoc.


If Wayback links are not proper then we can actually remove links for TIFF Page Maker and TIFF Photoshop from Javadoc. If we can use ITU link for TIFF spec we can replace it otherwise we can remove reference for TIFF spec also.


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