[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] RFR JDK-8184429: Path clipper added in Marlin2D & MarlinFX 0.8.0

Laurent Bourgès bourges.laurent at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 08:50:19 UTC 2017

Hi Sergey,

Le 14 nov. 2017 11:38 PM, "Sergey Bylokhov" <Sergey.Bylokhov at oracle.com> a
écrit :

Hi, Laurent.

On 14/11/2017 14:03, Laurent Bourgès wrote:

> PS: I added the new ClipShapeTests with special jtreg tags: what is the
> default timeout ? The complete tests are slow ~ 20mins, so I added @ignore
> but it marks the test as failed.

Why not split it across the threads? 5~7 minutes is not a big deal for the
test which has a good coverage.

Good idea but it can not work:
- I use specific a system property to enable/disable Marlin clipping
support at runtime
- it is by nature not thread safe !

Maybe I could use new RenderingHints but for now these are not given by
SunGraphics2d to Marlin.
Moreover I would like having the rendering hint Quality/Speed in order to
let Marlin be faster but less accurate.

Finally I will minimize the number of stroker tests: use only 1 stroke
width (=5px) and that should be enough to stay below timeout (2mins).

Is there any documentation about jtreg tags ?

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