[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Who to contact about potential JAI licence change?

Andrea Aime andrea.aime at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 11:52:07 UTC 2018

Java Advanced Imaging has been unsupported for a long time, but it's still
the best Java based
image processing library (at least for large imagery cases, the tiled
based, deferred computation
approach is something software in other languages is still copying today).

Its complete pluggability also makes it very easy to replace old buggy
operations with newer ones, which is
something done in open source projects like jai-ext:

However, its license is still a problem, it is not considered proper open

Ideally all the Java portion would be useful, but in case that is a
problem, just getting the interfaces relicenced
would be of great help.
So, is there anyone we could talk to about JAI relicencing? If more than
one person/company needs to be
contacted I'm happy to reach out, just need to get some contacts.

Best regards
Andrea Aime
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