[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] RFR 8214014 : Remove vestiges of gopher: protocol proxy support

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Wed Nov 28 20:22:06 UTC 2018

The presence of this field doesn't do anything to suggest that
the JDK must support gopher protocol. It is an informational
attribute that may be returned by a remote print service to
say what schemes it supports. You can then "pick" one that
works for you to communicate with the remote print service.
Removing it doesn't really bring a big benefit that I see even
though I think the only thing in the world that might notice is JCK.

Also note this class isn't something JDK dreamed up.

This class is the JDK's implementation of the IPP RFC's 
printer-uri-schemes-supported attribute

The standard uri schemes are discussed here


where it also says
  A Printer object MAY support any URI 'scheme' that has been registered 

I think "IANA-MT" is wrong here .. I think it means this :

Quite why some non-standard schemes are listed in this class are
lost in the mists of time but GOPHER is no worse than NEWS, NNTP and 
WAIS in the same class.
Why not remove those too ... the argument is no different , but an important
point is the one I made above. This does NOT in any way suggest the 
scheme is supported
by the JDK.


On 11/28/18 11:00 AM, Roger Riggs wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> On 11/28/2018 12:06 PM, Phil Race wrote:
>> > Please check in javax.print that the inclusion of the gopher 
>> protocol is no longer needed.
>> In that case, 2d-dev is the list you want. Swing doesn't do printing.
> Thanks for the correction.
>> It must have been a decade since I heard anyone mention gopher, but did
>> you really mean to remove a Java SE public API variable ?
> Probably yes, but the process needs to be different, to deprecate for 
> a release
> or two then remove.
> Its low cost to keep it but it is noise as far as the rest of the 
> codebase goes.
> I'll create a separate issue and maybe there are some others that can 
> be removed
> as well.
> Thanks, Roger
>>       /**
>> - * Gopher Protocol.
>> - */
>> - public static final ReferenceUriSchemesSupported GOPHER = new 
>> ReferenceUriSchemesSupported(3);
>> -
>> - /**
>> https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/11/docs/api/java.desktop/javax/print/attribute/standard/ReferenceUriSchemesSupported.html#GOPHER
>> -phil.
>> On 11/28/18 8:34 AM, Roger Riggs wrote:
>>> Please review the removal of some left over references to the gopher 
>>> protocol related to proxies.
>>> Most are related to properties or setting up proxies (for gopher).
>>> Please check in javax.print that the inclusion of the gopher 
>>> protocol is no longer needed.
>>> Webrev:
>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~rriggs/webrev-gopher-remove-8214014/
>>> CSR:
>>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8214301
>>> Thanks, Roger
>>> p.s. fyi, this patch assumes a previous patch cleaning up property 
>>> initialization (4947890)

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