[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] [14] RFR JDK-8223558: Java apps do not support Myanmar fonts

Alexey Ivanov alexey.ivanov at oracle.com
Thu Oct 3 17:28:46 UTC 2019

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your review.
Please see my answers inline:

On 03/10/2019 17:31, Philip Race wrote:
> 1) This is an RFE, not a bug.

I have updated the CR type to RFE.

> 2) Does this font exist on Windows 7 ?

No, it does not. This font was added in Windows 8.

The tests check if the required font is available; if not, an message is 
printed and the test exists.

> 3) This cannot be backported since the older JDK releases will not 
> support it.

No, it cannot be backported to 8u because ICU does not support Myanmar.
It can be brought to 11 updates.

> -phil.
> On 10/3/19, 8:57 AM, Alexey Ivanov wrote:
>> Any volunteers to review?
>> On 25/09/2019 20:38, Alexey Ivanov wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Please review the fix for JDK 14:
>>> bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8223558
>>> webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~aivanov/8223558/webrev.00/
>>> Problem description:
>>> Java renders Myanmar script incorrectly. Some glyphs are not 
>>> combined, which makes text unreadable.
>>> For example, this glyph ကြ is made of two characters U+1000 and 
>>> U+103C. Java renders two separate glyphs.
>>> Workaround:
>>> Enable ligatures or kerning on the font to get the correct rendering.
>>> The fix:
>>> Enables complex layout for base Myanmar characters (U+1000-U+109F).
>>> Provides fallback font on Windows.
>>> On Linux, fontconfig handles the fallback.
>>> I ran awt/font tests, no new failures found.

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