[OpenJDK 2D-Dev] Project Lanai (New Metal Java 2D Rendering pipeline for macOS) EA build 10 has been released

Philip Race philip.race at oracle.com
Wed Mar 3 21:51:05 UTC 2021


We have prepared an EA 10 build of Project Lanai for JEP 382 [1] 
incorporating fixes to feed back during the ongoing code review [2]
EA 10 can be downloaded from https://jdk.java.net/lanai/.

Note the open issues and testing suggestions given there.

Please test with your apps and hardware and provide feedback via the 
lanai-dev at openjdk.java.net mailing list.


[1] https://openjdk.java.net/jeps/382
[2] https://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/2d-dev/2021-February/011902.html

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