Proposal to update build documentation

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Tue Apr 8 07:40:57 UTC 2014

Hi all,

The Adoption Group is about to embark on it's migration of all of its
documentation on building OpenJDK ( contains a bunch
of pages). We found your group page at wiki at and figured our
documentation should really fall under your gropup's banner (we can
reference it from the Adoption Group for new comers).

So our proposal is to:

1.) Compare the docs that we have vs what's contained in the various
README-builds.html files
2.) Send in patches to README-builds.html where appropriate
3.) Only document temporary workarounds / known issues etc in the Build
group's wiki

And the one I was more uncertain about:

* Document uncommon build scenarios Build group's wiki, e.g. What certain
unusual flags mean and so forth.

Does this sound reasonable?  I'm happy to walk through the existing
documentation set that we have with someone so you have a clear idea on
what we're proposing to bring across.


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