IntelliJ & JDK 9

Will May will.j.may at
Sun Dec 21 23:22:04 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I've just written a simple script which will generate a project structure
that can be imported into IntelliJ for JDK9. I've created a PR on github
against the BuildHelpers repository for the initial version of the script
but there are possibly issues with this script:

   - Test directory appears to be a bunch of random test classes in random
   directories and not packages; I'm not sure how thisb should be seen within
   an IDE.
   - Modules have been configured to have their compiler output to
   build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/jdk/modules although I'm not sure
   how well IntelliJ and the JDK build system play together.
   - No inter-module dependencies. Is there any documentation about these
   dependencies anywhere?

To use the script with IntelliJ:

   1. Create a new project
   2. Select Java, set the project SDK to Java 8 and click next
   3. Click next (don't create from template)
   4. Change the project location to jdk9/jdk and click finish
   5. Once in IntelliJ, open up the project structure settings (File >
   Project Structure)
   6. Change the language level to Java 9
   7. In modules section, remove the default jdk module (answer yes to the
   popup). Delete the jdk.iml file.
   8. Run the script now.
   9. Select all iml files in the project structure, right click and select
   'Import 47 modules'

Is there any other functionality that is missing from this script? Can
someone give my account on the wiki sufficient privileges to document this
script and also accept my PR on github?



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