checkstyle tool to enforce Sun/Oracle code standard on openJdk

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Wed Dec 31 11:36:22 UTC 2014

Hi Roman,

I for one would welcome this.  A bit of extra information from someone
fairly new themselves (I've only ever submitted a few doc patches).  Each
OpenJDK project (project ~= a part of the source tree) has it's own
unofficial style idioms or official style guide.  So you may find that for
example AWT/2D/Swing has a different set of guidelines than core-libs.

That said I think there's generally a feeling that having something check
for style within a project would be welcome and perhaps then there could
also be some cross project collaboration.  Of course this sort of thing can
lead to somewhat frivolous "whitespace changes" type of patches coming in
which I think each project will have an opinion on.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to start with one project (e.g. Core libs)
and go from there....

CCing in the Adoption group as this sort of style check is something we'd
happily host as part of the Betterrev workflow.


On 30 December 2014 at 01:07, Roman Ivanov <ivanov-jr at> wrote:

> Hi OpenJdk engineers,
> I am owner of Checkstyle project -
>   .
> We had Sun code standard configuration that allow developers
> write code in the same approach as authors of Java do.
> But a lot of time passed from time that configuration is
> introduced, and I am not completely sure that we do complete
> and accurate in coverage  of Sun Java Standard.
> This year we did complete code coverage for Google's style -
> Guava team already agreed on fixing problems
> and updating style guide to be more precise in some requirements -
> I have an idea to create similar page for Sun/Oracle style -
> Checkstyle already detected a lot of problem in javadoc on openjdk9 (base
> on change set: 11061:9ade71a206f9 ) -
> That report contains only problems of Javadoc but  it could be as full as
> report over Guava -
> Are you interested in such automatic validation of Sun/Oracle Code
> Standard ?
> To let openJDK comply their own code standard :), let automatically
> validate any contributions to project .
> thanks,
> Roman Ivanov

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