Gathering metrics for the Adoption programme

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Wed Feb 5 09:00:53 PST 2014

Hi all,

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We'd like to measure & report to the OpenJDK governing board some
quantifiable metrics on the impact and effectiveness of the Adoption
programme. These metrics will also be useful to the group in terms of
helping us determine whether we are fulfilling our mission statement and

Here's my proposal on the metrics, I'd love people's feedback on this:

Initial Onboarding:

* Number of mailing list users
* Message volume on the mailing list
* Number of new developers successfully building OpenJDK / Downloads of
OpenJDK development virtual machine
* Number of unique visitors to Adoption page/wiki
** Perhaps measure impact on overall OpenJDK visits


Betterev is a proposed patch workflow & build farm system. It will act as
community clearing house for new contributors and as a prototype for
OpenJDK infrastructure.

* Number of patches submitted to Betterrev (a community clearing house for
new contributors)
** Number of patches subsequently committed to OpenJDK


* Number of FOSS projects involved in testing OpenJDK nightly builds
* Number of bugs/issues reviewed by adoption group for quality control

Longterm Onboarding:

* Number of 'graduates' from Adoption programme into official OpenJDK
contributors, authors, committers and reviewers.


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