Successful DevoxxUK / "Hack the Tower" OpenJDK hackday

Daniel Bryant daniel.bryant at
Sun Jun 22 16:45:32 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Just wanted to mention that last Saturday we hosted a successful OpenJDK 
hackday in combination with the Devoxx UK conference and Salesforce 
"Hack the Tower" event.

We had 15+ attendees in the OpenJDK section of the event, and 
approximately a third were new (and so we got them building the OpenJDK 
via Mani's instructions), a third were more experienced (and so they 
experimented with fixing Sonar warnings), and the remainder worked on 

We were also fortunate to have James Ward of Typesafe/Play fame with us 
at the event, and he offered some great feedback about the architecture 
and code within Betterrev.

We also ran an OpenJDK BOF session at the DevoxxUK conference, and Mani 
manned the OpenJDK booth at the associated Hackergarten. We received 
some good feedback on this event, and also some suggestions on how to 
make this better; the primary comment/question was 'what have the 
community contributed to OpenJDK', and 'what can we reasonably expect to 
contribute if we join up...'

Best wishes,


P.S. Last week we received good news that we have an OpenJDK BOF 
accepted again at JavaOne this year, and the LJC also have a related 
Panel/BOF session about how JUGs can contribute to the future of Java :-)

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