Submitting patches to OpenJDK

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Wed Mar 26 17:23:44 UTC 2014

Hi Mani,

It's a good question and I'm sure Dalibor will weigh in if I get this wrong
but basically here goes.  In most cases you:

1.) You create a patch against OpenJDK 9 HEAD for the appropriate forest
(most people will just go for the efault unless they're doing specialist
Hotspot etc work).

2.) You should of course run the tests locally.

3.) You should check the openJDK project page for the area that you are
making the change in and look to see what coding standards they have an
meet those.

3.a.) You'll also need to check what the review process for that project
is.  But typically you need to find one sponsor who has Reviewer status
(especially if your change is a semantic one)

4.) You then need to create a webrev (using the tool in the
codetools project) and host that somewhere.

5.) You'll need to sign the OCA if you haven't done so already.

6.) You'll mail the link to your webrev to the right mailing list in
OpenJDK asking for a sponsor with Reviewer status to review your change and
perhaps open up a bug/issue on your behalf in the JBUG database (or you
should reference an existing one).

7.) Assuming your patch passes review it will then be merged into OpenJDK.
Please note that subsequent testing by Oracle's internal team in particular
may find bugs in your patch and you'll be asked to fix those.

I think that roughly covers it, you can see why we're trying to introduce
Betterev soon to streamline the process :-).



On 26 March 2014 13:42, mani <sadhak001 at> wrote:

> Hi Martijn,
> We have been asked (over the conference call and in person at JavaLand),
> what is the process flow for submitting patches for both bug fixes and
> enhancements from start to finish (before its been merged into the repos).
> Hopefully they are on this mailing list and would be able to benefit from
> the response.
> Regards,
> Mani
> On Thursday, 14 November 2013 10:11:32 UTC, Martijn Verburg wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just a warning that as the end game for Java 8 arrives, the project will
>> be less likely to accept patches unless they are purely bug fixes or things
>> like documentation tidy-up.
>> Cheers,
>> Martijn
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