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Chris Newland cnewland at chrisnewland.com
Fri Sep 5 07:28:43 UTC 2014

Hopefully not off-topic for adoption-discuss as it's one of the
AdoptOpenJDK group's GitHub projects.

Let me know if you'd rather I didn't post this kind of update here?



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Subject: JITWatch update
From:    "Chris Newland" <chris at chrisnewland.com>
Date:    Thu, September 4, 2014 22:55
To:      jitwatch at googlegroups.com

Hi all,

Here's a quick status update on the AdoptOpenJDK JITWatch project:

1) Added initial support for Scala source code in the TriView

The scalac compiler with default options builds a normal bytecode
LineNumberTable so mapping bytecode back to Scala source was simple.

Need to add Scala (and other JVM language) support to the Sandbox (setting
up compilers and runtime executables).

2) Improved the TriView feature - source instructions usually each map to
several bytecodes so the bytecode pane now better understands the

3) Convened a discussion on JIT compilation at the JCrete unconference

4) Presenting a tutorial session at JavaOne 2014 (with Ben Evans)

It's 08:30 to 10:30 on Monday 29th September (1st day of the conference).

Going to be doing some live demos to show inlining benefits and common
assembly idioms.

5) Wrote a script for fetching and building OpenJDK9 + OpenJFX on Debian

JITWatch works perfectly on this Java 9 VM

Am going to keep track of JEP 197 Segmented Code Cache
http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/197 and also to try to add some of my own VM
instrumentations for things like escape analysis and dead code elimination.

Let me know if you have any comments or feature requests :)



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