<AWT Dev> splashscreen.so is missing pnggccrd.c

Anthony Petrov Anthony.Petrov at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 29 03:40:03 PDT 2008

Hi Mark,

On 08/28/2008 09:35 PM Mark Wielaard wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 14:23 +0400, Anthony Petrov wrote:
>> 1. The patch cuts off the embedded versions of these libraries from 
>> OpenJDK source code. In fact, there may exist systems where these 
>> libraries are not installed. And currently OpenJDK runs perfectly on 
>> these systems since it have the libraries compiled in.
> Yes it does remove the upstream sources. But I admit to be slightly
> confused about this practice of embedding upstream source code into your
> own code repository. If we want to support static linking of libraries
> wouldn't it be enough to configure and detect the static library .a
> versions and link against those?
This seems to be a very neat idea. I personally like it. But what about 
MS Windows builds?

best regards,

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