<AWT Dev> Request for uniform and contiguous resolution-independence in AWT

Werner Randelshofer werner.randelshofer at bluewin.ch
Tue Jan 15 10:05:17 PST 2008

Dear members of the awt-dev group,

I am currently investigating the feasibility of a Swing Aqua Look and  
Fool for the OpenJDK port for Mac OS X "SoyLatte".

Starting with Mac OS X 10.5, the Aqua user interface is resolution  
This feature effectively decouples the user interface from device  
pixels, allowing to scale the user interface uniformly and  
contiguously. The coordinate system of components is based on a  
floating point coordinate system.

This is different from the resolution-independence concept currently  
implemented in Java AWT, which assumes non-uniform and discrete scaling.

I would love to have an API in AWT for resolution independence, so  
that we could properly implement it in SoyLatte, without use of magic  
tricks, like Apple is currently doing with J2SE5 on Mac OS 10.5.

As far as I know, Mac OS X and Windows Vista support uniform and  
contiguous resolution independence in conceptually the same way. There  
might be even more OpenJDK ports which would benefit from this, like  
OpenJDK for Haiku OS.

Naïvely, I tried to submit a feature request in the Java bug reporter,  
but it tells me, that I can't request features for platforms which are  
not supported by Sun. I made a request at the porters-dev mailing  
list, and they suggested, to start a thread in this mailing list.


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