<AWT Dev> delivery of mouse events

Brent Baccala cosine at freesoft.org
Mon Jan 21 12:42:49 PST 2008

Hi -

Several years ago, while working with a tablet PC, I developed a patch
to AWT that delivered all mouse events to the application.  This was
for pen applications that wanted to track exactly how the user had
moved the pen, as opposed to the default behavior, which was to
discard extraneous mouse motion events.

I only did this for X Windows, and it wasn't done as an option - I
"selected" this feature according to which version of rt.jar I used.

Anyway, now that this is open source, is this a feature we'd like to
see added to AWT?  (I'm assuming it hasn't been done already)

If so, it should probably be a runtime option.  Any suggestions for
how to turn it on and off?


 					Brent Baccala
 					cosine at freesoft.org

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