<AWT Dev> [PATCH] Some small type fixes

Oleg Sukhodolsky Oleg.Sukhodolsky at Sun.COM
Wed Mar 19 08:20:40 PDT 2008

Hi Roman,

I have filed bug 6677332 (should be visible in a few days)

Could you, please combine both your patches in one and resend as patch 
for this bug (just to follow the guidelines :)  This also will give more 
time to find more similar problems (I do not want to start whole review 
process for every one-liner if it is possible to combine them in one fix ;)

Thanks, Oleg.

Roman Kennke wrote:
> Hi Oleg,
>> thank you for the fix.  Am I right that it is covered by SCA from aicas?
> Exactly.
> Cheers, Roman
>> Thanks, Oleg.
>> Roman Kennke wrote:
>>> In XWindow.c and XlibWrapper.c, some methods have int instead of jint in
>>> their signature. This doesn't compile for different jni.h. The attached
>>> patch fixes this. Could this be included in the OpenJDK tree?
>>> /Roman

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