Oleg Sukhodolsky Oleg.Sukhodolsky at Sun.COM
Tue May 13 20:27:39 PDT 2008

Hi Roman,

in XAWT we paint most components ourselves using 2D.  For some (text 
components) we use Swing.

As for possible choice:  there is no choice :)  We dropped MAWT,we have 
not removed it from sources for now because it require more work, but 
right now only XAWT is built.


Roman Kennke пишет:
> Hi list,
> I see that there are two AWT implementations for Unix, MAWT and XAWT. A
> couple of questions: How can I choose one or the other to be built (or
> are both built and I only need to select one at runtime)? Which is the
> current default? XAWT doesn't depend on Motif, right? Am I correct that
> it uses Swing for drawing the widgets? (I'm curious, because I did the
> same thing in Classpath for the Escher-based peers).
> Cheers, Roman

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