Roman Kennke roman at kennke.org
Wed May 14 06:23:59 PDT 2008

Hi Oleg,

> in XAWT we paint most components ourselves using 2D.  For some (text 
> components) we use Swing.

Cool. It seems like this is more or less tied into the X peer
implementation. I think it would be great to factor this stuff out into
some sort of generic peer implementation to be able to use it in other
backends too (I have a couple of backends that I would be happy to reuse
this code). If you think this is feasible (or am I overseeing any
gotcheas?), this would make a great sub-project for my OpenJDK Challenge
project Portable GUI Backends.

> As for possible choice:  there is no choice :)  We dropped MAWT,we have 
> not removed it from sources for now because it require more work, but 
> right now only XAWT is built.

Ok, good to know. I wonder why OpenMotif or lesstif is required to build
OpenJDK then?

Cheers, Roman

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