Yuri Nesterenko Yuri.Nesterenko at Sun.COM
Thu May 15 06:55:36 PDT 2008

Phil Race wrote:
> Oleg Sukhodolsky wrote:
>>> Ok, good to know. I wonder why OpenMotif or lesstif is required to build
>>> OpenJDK then?
>> I think we need headers to get some constants, but perhaps we forgot 
>> to remove the check ;)  We will look at this.
> Yes, its just headers for constants for window manager interoperability.
> I believe its possible to do away with this but it was more work/risk 
> than Yuri had time for
> when he was removing the main motif build dependencies from openjdk.
> -phil.

AFAIK Motif headers are not necessary any more for jdk7 (see 6463431),
and there should be no reference in building documents or scripts to 
anything Motif. There is plenty of dead spaghetty left in the code, 
though, mostly harmless.


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