<AWT Dev> One or many GraphicsConfiguration(s) per toplevel?

Anthony Petrov Anthony.Petrov at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 21 06:50:25 PST 2009

Hello 2D and AWT teams,

While working on the fix for 6783411 to enable re-parenting heavyweight 
components between toplevel windows, I found the Component.checkGD() 
method which verifies equality of GraphicsDevice's (by the way, a minor 
question: is it correct to check the equality of the GD (or GC) objects 
themselves rather than using their StringID's?). There's also an 
implementation of this method in the Container class that recursively 
calls this method for every child of the container.

The question is: is it really possible for one toplevel to contain 
components having different GraphicsDevice's (and/or different 
GraphicsConfiguration's)? Or may I assume that all and every descendant 
components of a toplevel window use the same GC that the window uses 
(and therefore the Container.checkGD() may safely be removed)?

best regards,

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