<AWT Dev> Review Request for 6879044

Mandy Chung Mandy.Chung at Sun.COM
Sun Sep 13 18:32:29 PDT 2009

6879044: Eliminate the dependency of logging from the JRE core/awt/swing classes


1. A new sun.util.logging.PlatformLogger class that will handle the log messages in a similar way as Logger but it will only delegate to java.util.logging only when it is enabled.  LogManager and LogRecord are modified to support the platform loggers.  The users of PlatformLogger will continue to run if java.util.logging classes do not exist.

2. AWT, 2D, Swing, and a few java.util classes are modified to use PlatformLogger instead of Logger.  Although many files are modified, the change is mostly replacement with classname.

AWT statically creates a number of loggers. Running a simple AWT Framer application with JDK 7 b71 creates 79 loggers on solaris-i586 and 34 loggers on windows-i586. SwingSet2 creates a total of 85 loggers including a few non-awt ones on solaris-i586 and 35 on windows-i586). 

Although the memory usage might not be very high (especially with this fix), I don't see the need of having many fine-grained loggers.  This fix doesn't address this the number of AWT loggers. I file a separate CR (6880089) to revisit it.

Startup Performance:
This change does not have significant startup performance improvement, as expected.  However, it does reduce the number of loaded classes (Framer app loads 16 fewer classes and jedit loads 13 fewer classes).


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