<AWT Dev> sun.awt.disableMixing

Anthony Petrov Anthony.Petrov at Sun.COM
Mon Sep 14 04:37:43 PDT 2009

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, the only way to make the property have an effect is to 
set it before running any GUI-related code. That's because the value of 
the property is being cached (see 

This is made intentionally because the mixing-related code frequently 
calls the Component.isMixingNeeded() method that in turn calls the 
SunToolkit's one. Re-reading the property each time would introduce a 
significant performance degradation.

best regards,

On 8/31/2009 9:02 PM Christopher Deckers wrote:
> I have an issue with the "sun.awt.disableMixing" property: when my
> code is reached, I have no way to tell whether setting it to true
> would have an effect.
> I have such a code:
>     if(System.getProperty("sun.awt.disableMixing") == null) {
>       System.setProperty("sun.awt.disableMixing", "true");
>     }
> but the problem is that if some Swing UI was already loaded, then
> setting this property would note have any effect (that my code assumes
> it worked...). I had this problem with WebStart for example, or some
> other cases where some user UI was loaded before setting it. Would it
> be possible that sun.awt.disableMixing be set when the Swing code
> caches the value?
> Better would be that setting the value would actually have an effect
> instead of being ignored, but I doubt this is possible :)

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