<AWT Dev> sun.awt.disableMixing

Christopher Deckers chrriis at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 04:53:09 PDT 2009

Hi Anthony,

> Unfortunately, the only way to make the property have an effect is to set it
> before running any GUI-related code. That's because the value of the
> property is being cached (see sun.awt.SunToolkit.getSunAwtDisableMixing()).

I understand that it is cached. But conceptually, I don't see why
there would be a problem of updating that cached value (propagating
the change) rather than imposing users to add this property to the

At least, would it be possible that the system property be set to
"true" or "false" once the value was decided and cached rather than
staying null? That way, I would know that the property caching
happened and take appropriate action (continue, or message to the user
about setting that property, etc.)

I can understand that eventually the whole issue would vanish when
HW/LW mixing works properly (revalidation et al), but there does not
seem to be much activity on that front at the moment.


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