<AWT Dev> swing-dev Digest, Vol 34, Issue 1

Costantino Cerbo c.cerbo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 13:31:12 PST 2010

> Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 18:19:36 +0300
> From: Anthony Petrov <Anthony.Petrov at Sun.COM>
> AFAIK, there currently nobody working on such an enhancement to the
> Swing GTK L&F implementation. This L&F is by far not the fastest one out
> there, so any improvement is very welcome.

If Oracle will invest more money on Java and Solaris, as Larry Ellison
said, they should invest also on the GTK L&F!
Isn't Gnome the default GUI Environment on the (now) Oracle Operating
System! ;-)

By the way, did you have the time to take a look to my last patch (Bug
6913179) and experiment a little bit to solve the problem with the
I spent also yesterday some time but without success :-(

Thank you very much,

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