<AWT Dev> Question about GtkLnF implementation

Peter Zhelezniakov Peter.Zhelezniakov at Sun.COM
Thu Feb 11 02:49:20 PST 2010

Clemens Eisserer wrote:
>> Who wrote this (I suspect Kirill Kirichenko for some reason) and is
>> this code still around? It would really help to see it.
> Wow, if the code is still arround it would be of course the best solution.
> I am curious how all the rendering routines were implemented.

It seems that code is lost. Its author felt it was a dirty hack and a 
failed experiment. He remembers the patch gave significant speedup with 
vector themes, but nearly regressed on pixmap ones.

I personally agree that the most promising thing is Cairo drawables. 
They should have alpha, and by the time jdk7 ships, Cairo will probably 
be everywhere.

gtk2_interface.c has a large comment describing the situation at the 
time of writing (some five years ago) and possible ways to solve it.

As for drawing to a single pixmap, there's absolutely no reason not to 
try. I wonder if X could put limits on pixmap size, e.g. we could end up 
with a pixmap twice the size of the screen - this can be a problem maybe.


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