<AWT Dev> bug 6913179 (The java.awt.FileDialog should use native GTK file chooser on linux distros) - indentation corrected

Costantino Cerbo c.cerbo at gmail.com
Tue May 4 08:53:22 PDT 2010

Very good!
If Damjan does tha patch for Windows and I for X11+GTK we need just
someone else for X11 w/o GTK.
Eventually I can also do it.

About the patch for X11+GTK, a new class DirectoryDialog isn't really
necessary. We can still use FileDialog that already has the method


2010/5/4 Damjan Jovanovic <damjan.jov at gmail.com>:
> On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 4:31 PM, Anthony Petrov <Anthony.Petrov at sun.com> wrote:
>> Hi Costantino,
>> On 05/02/2010 09:43 PM, Costantino Cerbo wrote:
>>> I was wrong: I meant the issue 6927978 (Directory Selection standard
>>> dialog support) and not the 6705345 (that's already fixed).
>>> The goal is to add to the FileDialog a feature like the
>>> JFileChooser#setFileSelectionMode(JFileChooser.DIRECTORIES_ONLY).
>> Thanks for the correction.
>>> My idea it to allow FileDialog#setMode(.) to accept also the value
>>> It's a minimal change that doesn't broke the existing API. Do you
>>> agree to do so?
>> Yes, I strongly agree that AWT FileDialog should support selecting
>> directories. That might even be another class like DirectoryDialog, since
>> the API for these operations differs quite a lot. However, currently we have
>> three different implementations of the FileDialog on:
>> 1. MS Windows
>> 2. X11 + GTK
>> 3. X11 w/o GTK
>> And we actually have to be able to display a directory chooser on each of
>> the 'platforms' as well. W/o that I'm afraid we can't accept such a fix.
> Windows uses a separate dialog for directory-only selection, so a
> separate DirectoryDialog seems like a good idea.
>>> I can do the fix for GTK. Does anybody in this mailing list want to
>>> deliver the patch for windows?
>> Anyone please?
> I could make a Windows patch, I've still got a Windows build
> environment for OpenJDK set up from a while back.
>> --
>> best regards,
>> Anthony
> Regards
> Damjan

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