<AWT Dev> xawt/libmawt.so and headless/libmawt.so

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Thu Apr 21 00:50:01 PDT 2011

David Holmes wrote:
> But the file to be stat'd is OS dependent is it not?
It looks to me that GraphicsEnvironment.getHeadlessProperty should be 
consulting platform specific code to determine if we are headless. The 
Solaris/Linux implementation could check the DISPLAY variable and could 
also check if the headful toolkit is available.

> Not sure how this use of sub-directories impacts that at all. Surely 
> within the AWT module (assuming such a beast exists) it can organize 
> its files how it wants?
In the module library then AWT's libraries might be located in somewhere 
like modules/sun.desktop/8.0/lib and it would be best if the VM didn't 
have any dependency on the location (which in this example includes both 
the module name and version).


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