<AWT Dev> Add mutter as a window manager.

Artem Ananiev artem.ananiev at oracle.com
Fri Apr 20 08:08:22 PDT 2012

On 4/11/2012 11:21 PM, Anthony Petrov wrote:
> Hi Omair and Artem,
> On 4/11/2012 9:20 PM, Omair Majid wrote:
>>> PS. Perhaps it also makes sense to rewrite that comment in the
>>> XDecoratedPeer to replace the word "bug" with something saying that this
>>> is implemented according to the ICCCM specification with a reference to
>>> the paragraph 4.1.5 of it?
>> Agreed. I would like to go so far as to make this the default, and add
>> other window managers (which are deviating from ICCCM) as exceptions. I
>> am afraid of introducing regressions, though.
> I wholeheartedly support this idea in theory. But it seems scary in
> practice. We would need to run all automatic and manual AWT regression
> tests on at least all major WMs (Metacity, Kwin, Compiz, and (sic!) CDE
> - as long as we support Solaris CDE desktops, not sure if this is
> relevant to JDK 8 though) to ensure no regressions arise. Note that we
> have to test this with quite old versions of the WMs, e.g. Metacity from
> Gnome 2.6 (or is it 2.4?) - this is what Solaris 10 has to offer, etc.
> And ideally we would also want to test on all those forgotten/rare
> creatures like SawFish, Motif, Enlightenment, etc. This looks like a lot
> of work for such a simple fix.

I don't think CDE, SawFish, older versions of Metacity and KWin, and all 
other window managers which are not compliant to ICCCM and _NET really 
should be cared of in JDK8. If we can refactor our code to throw out 
most/all the WM-specific workarounds and get cleaner and more robust 
code and fix many insets-related bugs, I would love to do so. However, 
it's a huge work, it doesn't make any sense to start it until we know 
for sure we'll get some benefits. As usual, community contributions are 
always welcome, though :)



> However, your current fix looks pretty safe and is fully consistent with
> our current XAWT code.
> Artem, what's your opinion?
> --
> best regards,
> Anthony

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