<AWT Dev> [7u6] Please review my fix for 7171163: [macosx] Shortcomings in the design of the secondary native event loop made JavaFX DnD deadlock

Alexander Zuev alexander.zuev at oracle.com
Thu May 24 07:33:04 PDT 2012


   i guess you are right and i gladly borrow your version of comment to use.
This and two other typos caught by Scott Palmer leads us to the fourth 
version of
the webrev which can be found here: 

With best regards,

On 5/24/12 17:48, steve.x.northover at oracle.com wrote:
> Thanks for commenting this for the next guy.
> Nit pick:
> // Despite the naming this method on MacOS only making one event from
> // the native loop to be executed so this call is not blocking
> Is not great English.  How about "Despite the naming of this method, 
> on MacOS only one event is read and dispatched before this method 
> returns.  This call is non-blocking and does not wait for an event"
> Thanks,
> Steve
> On 24/05/2012 5:35 AM, Alexander Zuev wrote:
>> Steve,
>>   i've updated comments anywhere i can to reflect specific design of 
>> this feature on Mac.
>> Also i have removed the unneeded call to the native function from the 
>> exit() method to save
>> us some cycles on Java<->JNI call.
>>   Updated webrev can be found here:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~kizune/7171163/webrev.01/
>>   I also will send the formal request to approve the same change in 
>> jdk8 since we have to push change
>> there before we can push it into the jdk7u6.
>> With best regards,
>> Alex
>> On 5/23/12 22:26, steve.x.northover at oracle.com wrote:
>>> ToolkitThreadBlockedHandler seems to be shared code and it follows 
>>> the enter / exit naming that is wrong.  It seems that a lot of 
>>> changes will be needed in shared code so I'm not sure the renaming 
>>> is worth it.
>>> You could add update the comments to indicate how this is used and 
>>> save the renaming for another day.
>>> Steve
>>> On 23/05/2012 2:11 PM, Alexander Zuev wrote:
>>>> Steve,
>>>>   you are absolutely right - this native method is used only by our 
>>>> implementation of the DnD so
>>>> i may just rename it and the only reason i have not done it is to 
>>>> minimize the scope of the change.
>>>> So if you think renaming the method is required i will gladly do it.
>>>> With best regards,
>>>> Alex
>>>> On 5/23/12 21:21, steve.x.northover at oracle.com wrote:
>>>>> The implementation matches how these methods are used by drag and 
>>>>> drop but the naming makes no sense.  Who else calls these 
>>>>> methods?  I'm assuming nobody (or that they are all called with 
>>>>> the same implementation in mind).
>>>>> startNativeNestedEventLoop is really "read and dispatch an event 
>>>>> without blocking".
>>>>> Steve
>>>>> On 23/05/2012 12:51 PM, Alexander Zuev wrote:
>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>   please review my fix for the
>>>>>> 7171163: [macosx] Shortcomings in the design of the secondary 
>>>>>> native event loop made JavaFX DnD deadlock
>>>>>>   Bug can be found at 
>>>>>> http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=7171163
>>>>>>   Webrev can be found at: 
>>>>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~kizune/7171163/webrev.00/
>>>>>> With best regards,
>>>>>> Alexander Zuev

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