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artem.ananiev at oracle.com artem.ananiev at oracle.com
Wed Aug 28 06:28:23 PDT 2013

Changeset: 43de418f1345
Author:    ptbrunet
Date:      2013-08-28 17:25 +0400
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk8/awt/jdk/rev/43de418f1345

8011955: Lunar screen reader crashes intermittently in WindowsAccessBridge-32.DLL
6995891: JAWS will occasionally stop speaking focused objects as user TABs -> problem with message queue
8014738: Combobox menu items are not announced with JAWS
8011938: Java Ferret example corrupts JCombobox of the running application
8012011: JAB 2.0.2 incompletely shows kbd accelerator in menus
8022966: Java Access Bridge no longer usable with screen magnifiers
Reviewed-by: raginip, tbell, erikj, art

! make/bridge/AccessBridgeJava/Makefile
! makefiles/CompileJavaClasses.gmk
! makefiles/GensrcMisc.gmk

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