<AWT Dev> RFR [9] Modular Source Code

Anthony Petrov anthony.petrov at oracle.com
Wed Aug 27 10:57:29 UTC 2014

Hi Magnus,

Those look like reasonable suggestions. Could you please file separate 
bugs for each of these issues? Also, please note that most of them 
belong to 2D, not AWT (e.g. the font-, color-, d3d-, and opengl-related 
files) even though they're compiled into the awt native libraries.

best regards,

On 8/25/2014 1:14 PM, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
> On 2014-08-20 11:14, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
>> On 2014-08-18 16:15, Anthony Petrov wrote:
>>> So I'm not sure if the current set of AWT libraries could be
>>> simplified any further.
>>> Hope this helps.
>> Thank you for the clarification, it was very helpful!
>> While the set of AWT libraries probably cannot be simplified as you
>> say, my gut feeling is still that the current layout of files on disk
>> does not optimally match the actual libraries we build. Armed with the
>> help of your description, I'll look into them once again and see if I
>> can make that statement more concrete.
> This is my suggestions based on what I found when trying to remove the
> last unnecessary entanglement. Note that all paths are relative to the
> java.desktop module, and  that I have at this stage only looked at
> compiled sources (*.c), not header files.
> * The following files are in the windows directory tree, but are
> explicitly excluded on Windows. Thus they will never be built, and
> should be removed instead:
>    ./windows/native/libawt/sun/java2d/d3d/D3DPipeline.cpp
>    ./windows/native/libawt/sun/java2d/d3d/D3DShaderGen.c
>    ./windows/native/libawt/sun/windows/WBufferStrategy.cpp
> * The following file is in the share directory tree, but is only used on
> Windows. It should be moved to the corresponding windows directory instead:
>    ./share/native/libawt/sun/java2d/ShaderList.c
> * The following directory is in the unix directory tree, but is only
> used on Solaris. It should be moved to the corresponding solaris
> directory instead:
>    ./unix/native/libawt/sun/java2d/loops
> * The directory ./unix/native/common/sun/awt contains five more or less
> unrelated .c files. Three of them are only used in libawt_xawt, and
> should be moved there:
>    ./unix/native/common/sun/awt/awt_Font.c
>    ./unix/native/common/sun/awt/fontpath.c
>    ./unix/native/common/sun/awt/X11Color.c
> Of the remaining two CUPSfuncs.c seems correctly placed, since it is
> shared between libawt_xawt and libawt_lwawt. However, I'm wondering
> about initIDs.c. It is compiled in libawt as well as libawt_xawt, but
> when I checked some random functions, they are exported (via the
> mapfile) for libawt only. So I believe it is a mistake to include it in
> libawt_xawt, and that it should be moved to the libawt directory. This
> will need verification from someone on the AWT team.
> * The directory ./unix/native/libjawt is included in libawt_xawt (and in
> libjawt, of course). This seems suspicious to me. There is just a single
> file with a single function, JAWT_GetAWT(), which is exported in libjawt
> (via a mapfile), but not in libawt_xawt. I believe it is a mistake to
> include it in libawt_xawt. This will need verification from someone on
> the AWT team.
> * All of the awt-related directories (libawt_* and common) include an
> unnecessary extra layer, the "sun" directory. It is not needed anymore,
> and just makes all paths extra long. I suggest that we remove that layer
> and move everything up one step.
> * The makefiles include too specific directories. Instead of including
> e.g. ./*/native/common/sun/java2d/opengl and
> ./*/native/common/sun/java2d/x11, we should just include
> ./*/native/common/sun/java2d. This level corresponds to a logical
> grouping of the source code, and not the directory structure in that
> grouping.
> * The file ./windows/native/common/awt_makecube.cpp is a bit strange. It
> is not a shared file; instead it's a stand-alone binary with a main()
> function. It is not compiled by any makefile targets. If this file is
> actually used, I suggest moving it to a better location
> (windows/native/launchers?), and starting to compile it with the build.
> (Stuff that's not built regularly is doomed to bit rot.) It if is not
> used, I suggest we remove it.
> * And as I stated before, the medlialib directories are typically not
> used by libawt and friends. It is used by libmlib_image and
> libmlib_image_v, and should move away from the awt directory.
> /Magnus

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