<AWT Dev> [OpenJDK 2D-Dev] RFR [9] Modular Source Code

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Thu Aug 28 19:40:09 UTC 2014

On 8/28/2014 12:36 PM, Phil Race wrote:
> * All of the awt-related directories (libawt_* and common) include an
> unnecessary extra layer, the "sun" directory. It is not needed anymore,
> Let's *not* do that. It also affects the destination package.
> Remember sun.* is the protected top-level package .. and
> people won't always be running in jigsaw mode. Plus
> I recently learned that compact profiles need to be informed when
> you do something like this.

Oh, you refer to the native code that for some reason in libawt 
directories (not the others)
has one extra level ?  I don't see the same for libfontmanager for example
Maybe this is one more case where libawt caused excess head-scratching


> >    ./windows/native/libawt/sun/java2d/d3d/D3DShaderGen.c
> Is a tool that is run manually when we need to re-generate the shaders.
> It is co-located so that can be found easily. It certainly should not be
> deleted, nor should it be moved anywhere obscure.
> makecube is similar but is I think on a list to consider deletion since
> I don't think we need it anymore. But launchers would be the wrong place.
> So, yes, decisions on most of these need to be jointly discussed and 
> reviewed
> although some may be better 'owned' by 2d and some by build.
> -phil.
> On 8/28/2014 11:38 AM, Anthony Petrov wrote:
>> Thanks!
>> -- 
>> best regards,
>> Anthony
>> On 8/28/2014 1:00 PM, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
>>> On 2014-08-27 12:57, Anthony Petrov wrote:
>>>> Hi Magnus,
>>>> Those look like reasonable suggestions. Could you please file separate
>>>> bugs for each of these issues? Also, please note that most of them
>>>> belong to 2D, not AWT (e.g. the font-, color-, d3d-, and
>>>> opengl-related files) even though they're compiled into the awt native
>>>> libraries.
>>> I created JDK-8056209, JDK-8056210, JDK-8056212, JDK-8056213,
>>> JDK-8056214, JDK-8056215, JDK-8056216 and JDK-8056217 for these. After
>>> some consideration, I choose to put them on the infrastructure/build
>>> category, since I believe the build part (changes to the makefiles)
>>> requires most of the work (compared to e.g. removing a file), and that
>>> we are probably more keen on having them solved :), but they need to be
>>> resolved in cooperation with the 2D team.
>>> The issue regarding the medialib directories was already reported in
>>> JDK-8055190.
>>> /Magnus
>>>> -- 
>>>> best regards,
>>>> Anthony
>>>> On 8/25/2014 1:14 PM, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
>>>>> On 2014-08-20 11:14, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
>>>>>> On 2014-08-18 16:15, Anthony Petrov wrote:
>>>>>>> So I'm not sure if the current set of AWT libraries could be
>>>>>>> simplified any further.
>>>>>>> Hope this helps.
>>>>>> Thank you for the clarification, it was very helpful!
>>>>>> While the set of AWT libraries probably cannot be simplified as you
>>>>>> say, my gut feeling is still that the current layout of files on 
>>>>>> disk
>>>>>> does not optimally match the actual libraries we build. Armed 
>>>>>> with the
>>>>>> help of your description, I'll look into them once again and see 
>>>>>> if I
>>>>>> can make that statement more concrete.
>>>>> This is my suggestions based on what I found when trying to remove 
>>>>> the
>>>>> last unnecessary entanglement. Note that all paths are relative to 
>>>>> the
>>>>> java.desktop module, and  that I have at this stage only looked at
>>>>> compiled sources (*.c), not header files.
>>>>> * The following files are in the windows directory tree, but are
>>>>> explicitly excluded on Windows. Thus they will never be built, and
>>>>> should be removed instead:
>>>>>    ./windows/native/libawt/sun/java2d/d3d/D3DPipeline.cpp
>>>>>    ./windows/native/libawt/sun/java2d/d3d/D3DShaderGen.c
>>>>>    ./windows/native/libawt/sun/windows/WBufferStrategy.cpp
>>>>> * The following file is in the share directory tree, but is only 
>>>>> used on
>>>>> Windows. It should be moved to the corresponding windows directory
>>>>> instead:
>>>>>    ./share/native/libawt/sun/java2d/ShaderList.c
>>>>> * The following directory is in the unix directory tree, but is only
>>>>> used on Solaris. It should be moved to the corresponding solaris
>>>>> directory instead:
>>>>>    ./unix/native/libawt/sun/java2d/loops
>>>>> * The directory ./unix/native/common/sun/awt contains five more or 
>>>>> less
>>>>> unrelated .c files. Three of them are only used in libawt_xawt, and
>>>>> should be moved there:
>>>>>    ./unix/native/common/sun/awt/awt_Font.c
>>>>>    ./unix/native/common/sun/awt/fontpath.c
>>>>>    ./unix/native/common/sun/awt/X11Color.c
>>>>> Of the remaining two CUPSfuncs.c seems correctly placed, since it is
>>>>> shared between libawt_xawt and libawt_lwawt. However, I'm wondering
>>>>> about initIDs.c. It is compiled in libawt as well as libawt_xawt, but
>>>>> when I checked some random functions, they are exported (via the
>>>>> mapfile) for libawt only. So I believe it is a mistake to include 
>>>>> it in
>>>>> libawt_xawt, and that it should be moved to the libawt directory. 
>>>>> This
>>>>> will need verification from someone on the AWT team.
>>>>> * The directory ./unix/native/libjawt is included in libawt_xawt 
>>>>> (and in
>>>>> libjawt, of course). This seems suspicious to me. There is just a 
>>>>> single
>>>>> file with a single function, JAWT_GetAWT(), which is exported in 
>>>>> libjawt
>>>>> (via a mapfile), but not in libawt_xawt. I believe it is a mistake to
>>>>> include it in libawt_xawt. This will need verification from 
>>>>> someone on
>>>>> the AWT team.
>>>>> * All of the awt-related directories (libawt_* and common) include an
>>>>> unnecessary extra layer, the "sun" directory. It is not needed 
>>>>> anymore,
>>>>> and just makes all paths extra long. I suggest that we remove that 
>>>>> layer
>>>>> and move everything up one step.
>>>>> * The makefiles include too specific directories. Instead of 
>>>>> including
>>>>> e.g. ./*/native/common/sun/java2d/opengl and
>>>>> ./*/native/common/sun/java2d/x11, we should just include
>>>>> ./*/native/common/sun/java2d. This level corresponds to a logical
>>>>> grouping of the source code, and not the directory structure in that
>>>>> grouping.
>>>>> * The file ./windows/native/common/awt_makecube.cpp is a bit 
>>>>> strange. It
>>>>> is not a shared file; instead it's a stand-alone binary with a main()
>>>>> function. It is not compiled by any makefile targets. If this file is
>>>>> actually used, I suggest moving it to a better location
>>>>> (windows/native/launchers?), and starting to compile it with the 
>>>>> build.
>>>>> (Stuff that's not built regularly is doomed to bit rot.) It if is not
>>>>> used, I suggest we remove it.
>>>>> * And as I stated before, the medlialib directories are typically not
>>>>> used by libawt and friends. It is used by libmlib_image and
>>>>> libmlib_image_v, and should move away from the awt directory.
>>>>> /Magnus

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