<AWT Dev> debugging a regression

Vadim Pakhnushev vadim.pakhnushev at oracle.com
Mon Jun 29 07:13:10 UTC 2015

I think './common/bin/hgforest bisect ...' should do the trick then.

On 29.06.2015 7:30, Phil Race wrote:
> Just be aware that you will need to apply the same to each repo in the 
> JDK forest.
> Else it will very likely not build. Eg the jdk repo must be in sync 
> with the top-level repo.
> -phil.
> On 6/28/15 5:59 PM, Pete Brunet wrote:
>> Thanks Vadim, I'll give it a try.  -Pete
>> On 6/28/15 3:24 PM, Vadim Pakhnushev wrote:
>>> Pete,
>>> Actually you should use hg bisect command to do this.
>>> First, you mark 2 revisions you now as bad and good, like this:
>>> hg bisect --good jdk9-b67
>>> hg bisect --bad tip
>>> The last command will bisect the list of changesets and update the
>>> repo to some changeset in between.
>>> Then you build the repo, test it and mark it as either bad or good:
>>> hg bisect --bad
>>> This will advance the current changeset and you test it again until
>>> you arrive at the 'first bad' changeset.
>>> See here for reference: https://www.selenic.com/hg/help/bisect
>>> Hope this helps,
>>> Vadim
>>> On 28.06.2015 18:15, Pete Brunet wrote:
>>>> Looks like I can use hg update to accomplish this, i.e. hg update 
>>>> to the
>>>> rev that is b67 and then hg update to each possibly offending rev 
>>>> of the
>>>> jdk repo.  Sound right?
>>>> On 6/26/15 4:13 PM, Pete Brunet wrote:
>>>>> Hi, I found a problem on b68 and there are a half dozen possible
>>>>> changesets that could be responsible.  What is the best way to do the
>>>>> process of elimination.  It seems like the right approach would be to
>>>>> start with b67 and then add changesets one at a time until the 
>>>>> problem
>>>>> surfaces.  Is that right or is there a better way?
>>>>> Starting with a fresh current clone what are the steps to strip 
>>>>> back to
>>>>> b67 and then to add changesets?
>>>>> This will be in the jdk branch of the forest.
>>>>> Thanks, Pete

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