<AWT Dev> RfR JDK-8055160 and JDK-8074722

Pete Brunet peter.brunet at oracle.com
Mon Mar 16 21:16:16 UTC 2015

Also, there is a related pubs change.  The documentation for defining
the assistive_technolgies property needs to change from defining a class
name to defining a service provider name.  See


On 3/16/15 3:52 PM, Pete Brunet wrote:
> The following patch to accessibility related code is for the modularity
> effort.
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ptbrunet/JDK-8055160/webrev.00/
> The Java Access Bridge (which provides access to Java for example by
> screen readers used by those who are blind) is currently loaded by
> Toolkit via reflection as a JDK specific feature.  The prior means of
> loading the JAB relies on the Java extension mechanism and the JAB class
> file being located in lib/ext.  The Java extension mechanism no longer
> exits in Java 9.  The new code uses a service provider interface in
> preparation for loading the Java Access Bridge and other service
> provider implementations as modules.
> The following is the change to java.awt.Toolkit.
> jdk/src/java.desktop/share/classes/java/awt/Toolkit.java
> The following defines the new accessibility SPI (Service Provider
> Interface).
> jdk/src/java.desktop/share/classes/javax/accessibility/AccessibilitySPI.java
> The following are tests for the new service provider.
> jdk/test/javax/accessibility/AccessibilitySPI/FooProvider.java
> jdk/test/javax/accessibility/AccessibilitySPI/Load.java
> jdk/test/javax/accessibility/AccessibilitySPI/basic.sh

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