<AWT Dev> Changes fro JDK-8075327: moving jdk testlibraty files duplicated in hotspot to the common test repository

Alexander Kulyakhtin alexander.kulyakhtin at oracle.com
Wed May 13 15:46:04 UTC 2015

Hi Chris,

> I suspect that these changes are best going directly into jdk9/dev, as 
> opposed to a a downstream forest.
Yes, they are going directly to jdk9/dev, I forgot to add the group, adding now.

> In may places '@library /lib/testlibrary ...' remains. Is this 
> redundant, in many tests? If so, it be removed.
No, this is mostly not redundant, as the jdk/testlibrary comntains many files specific for jdk only. Only a relatively small number of files are duplicated between hotspot and jdk.

>The changes are to the 'test' directory in the "top" repo? You are not 
>proposing to add a new repo, right?
No, we are not proposing a new repo. The changes are in the 'top' repo.

>test/lib/testlibrary/jdk/testlibrary/RandomFactory.java was updated 
>recently in jdk9/dev. The version in your webrev is a little out of date.
We are going to upmerge the changes then

>Is there any special update needed to jtreg to support this?
For thse changes no jtreg update is required.
However, there are plans for the jtreg to prohibit referencing any @libraries above the repo root unless such libraries are directly specified in TEST.properties
If jtreg thus prohibits  our using /../../test/lib (because it's above the root) we will have to additionally make a change to jdk and hotspot TEST.properties 

Best regards,

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