<AWT Dev> Bug Report (Review ID: JI-9024378) - cannot copy to the system clipboard using the mimetype = 'image/svg+xml'

Alvin Penner penner at vaxxine.com
Sat Sep 19 22:21:49 UTC 2015

Hello Sergey and Eirik Bakke
	I just received an email from Eirik Bakke suggesting I use a call to 
SystemFlavorMap.addUnencodedNativeForFlavor (flavSVG, 
"image/svg+xml"). I have tried this and it appears to be working 
perfectly as far as I can tell. (I only want to copy, not paste). I 
believe the issue is resolved!
	Thank you very much for your timely response, and sorry for the noise.

Alvin Penner

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