<AWT Dev> JEP 272: Platform-Specific Desktop Features

Anthony Vanelverdinghe anthony.vanelverdinghe at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 06:42:37 UTC 2015


I have a few questions/comments about the proposed API:
- why not add a class java.awt.Taskbar instead, containing all the 
functionality of the "setDock..." methods? In my opinion, this would be 
a more logical place for this. Plus it would have the nice side-effect 
that "SystemTray" and "Taskbar" would be adjacent to each other in the 
Javadoc listing, aiding even more in discoverability.
- I'm not fond of the naming of the listeners. In my opinion, 
AppEventListener should be renamed to SystemEventListener, and listeners 
for "external" events (such as ScreenSleep/SystemSleep/UserSession) 
should not be prefixed with App. So for example you would have 
UserSessionListener which extends SystemEventListener instead of the 
current AppUserSessionListener which extends AppEventListener.
- on a final note: the correct spelling is "reopen", so 
AppReOpenedListener should be renamed to AppReopenedListener.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Kind regards,

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