<AWT Dev> Review Request for 8160696: IllegalArgumentException: adding a component to a container on a different GraphicsDevice

Mikhail Cherkasov mikhail.cherkasov at oracle.com
Fri Aug 5 16:19:01 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Please review a fix for the following bug:

Java throws exception: "IllegalArgumentException: adding a component to 
a container on a different GraphicsDevice" if you move a Java 
application to different monitor and
add a Component to a Container on another graphics device, without 
removing the Component from its previous parent.

Moving components between containers works fine if you remove the component
manually before moving it to other container, however this is already 
done in addImpl
method, so I've just put a removing the component from old parent before 
" checkGD".
It works fine now and I'm not sure whether we need "checkGD" at all, 
however I leave it
there just in case.


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