<AWT Dev> [9] Review Request: 8027324 The spec for Toolkit.setDynamicLayout() and Toolkit.isDynamicLayoutActive() needs to be clarified

Philip Race philip.race at oracle.com
Wed Mar 23 23:42:04 UTC 2016

Hmm ... that doesn't sound like it moves us toward closure.
Yes, I see this in Toolkit.java

         // This property should never be cached
         if (propertyName.equals("awt.dynamicLayoutSupported")) {

So  if I put a sleep(100000) in your test after you read the property
and went and toggled this from system settings before the timer
expired your test program would not work as intended.

So we have an unfortunate name which should have been more like
and I need to do more reading ..


On 3/23/16, 2:29 AM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
> On 23.03.16 10:18, Semyon Sadetsky wrote:
>> On 3/22/2016 9:01 PM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
>>> On 22.03.16 20:26, Phil Race wrote:
>>>> I presume the desktop property value is set once and never changes
>>>> since it implies something about the capabilities of the system,
>>>> regardless
>>>> as to what it is actually doing right now.
>>> Correct.
>> On windows it can be changed anytime in system settings. Java reads the
>> OS value dynamically, see
>> BOOL AwtToolkit::IsDynamicLayoutSupported()
> Right. on linux too, unlike osx.

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