<AWT Dev> [9] Review request for 8170386: JLightweightFrame content can miss paint events on Windows

Sergey Bylokhov sergey.bylokhov at oracle.com
Tue Jan 31 19:35:20 UTC 2017

Hello, Semyon.
> On 12/5/2016 5:48 AM, serb wrote:
>>>> (usually we have a postPaintEvent() method in peers). Since the "paintPending" flag is not reset means that the Paint event is not posted(seems that the reason is that we have no native part). And we should do this from the WLightweightFramePeer in the same way as we post COMPONENT_MOVED/COMPONENT_RESIZED
>>> It is already posted on on the end of any layout. Why do you think the extra paint event should be added to paint the same layout twice?
>> If current code in idk does not work and we have a bug which we are discussing means that this event is not posted? If I missed something, then please clarify the problem.
> > Paint event may be missed by the JLightweightFrame on Windows platform when it is resized consequently to the same size because the latter sets paintPainding flag .
> "may" means it happens sometimes. It depends on the timings of the external resize notification.

Can you please clarify why the bug is reproduced only if the WLFP is resized consequently to the same size? What is a sequence of calls which cause it? From the first point of view it looks strange because the paintPending flag will be set to false in the WWindowPeer.setBouns() if the size was not changed.
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