<AWT Dev> Why was JDK-8188085 closed? (non-English Java apps broken on High Sierra, menubar missing)

Victor D'yakov victor.dyakov at oracle.com
Sat Oct 7 19:49:47 UTC 2017

Sergey, please spend your cycle to re-evaluate this issue, it may be an 
Apple's problem but in that case it would be "not an issue", in that 
case we need you to report it with Apple's bugID here.

Hendrik, Thanks for your input. The bug was "Resolved" as Incomplete on 
2017-09-28 by Pardeep, but unfortunately nobody came back after that 
until I closed it yesterday eventually. If some issue is Resolved as 
Incomplete it means it will be moved on some day further to Closed 
status in case there are no additional information provided in JBS or on 
mailing lists to re-open it from Resolved status.


Viktor Diakov | Senior Engineering Manager of Software Development, Java 
Client Development Group

On 10/7/2017 12:28 PM, Philip Race wrote:
> I'm not very sure why the issue was closed but it is closed 
> "incomplete" which
> is usually a way of saying "need more information".
> I've looked over the threads and I don't see a good explanation of the 
> cause of the issue
> I read on the jetbrains tracker that you wrote
> >I asked Apple engineers about the issue. If they do not provide a 
> solution, we will provide our >workaround. The problem comes down to 
> unusual approach that is used in the OpenJDK source code. >It's quite 
> complex and rather ancient. This is a reason why they could see this 
> issue as a low priority >one.
> What unusual approach .. to doing what .. ?
> Also it seems that Denis Fokin says he could not reproduce it with 
> Russian layout.
> -phil.
> On 10/7/17, 4:03 AM, Hendrik Schreiber wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> please forgive me for posting here—I’m aware this might be the wrong 
>> place. However it has to do with the UI, so I guess there is no 
>> better place...
>> I've just noticed that 
>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8188085 was closed yesterday 
>> (no idea by whom) without having been fixed.
>> Just to be clear—this is not about cosmetics or some rarely 
>> encountered issue with an easy workaround. This is a *crippling* bug 
>> that breaks properly packaged Swing apps on High Sierra that do not 
>> use English as their UI language. I’m aware that this *may* not be a 
>> JDK bug, but an OS bug.
>> But I’m wondering: Has this been moved somewhere else? What’s the 
>> resolution? Why was this bug closed?
>> Thanks,
>> -hendrik

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