<AWT Dev> Java 9 on OS X internal API com.apple.eio.FileManager

Michael Hall mik3hall at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 08:53:45 UTC 2017

I know JEP 272 covered the com.apple.eawt API’s. 
Is there nothing to cover the eio.FileManager?
I have code using it to try and determine platform specific location’s for files

	public static Path getFolder(DataTypes option) {
		File f = null;
		try {
			if (option == USER) {
				f = new File(FileManager.findFolder(FileManager.kUserDomain, FileManager.OSTypeToInt("asup")),app);
				if (!f.exists()) f.mkdir();
				return f.toPath();	

When I run jdeps against my application I get…

jdeps -jdkinternals halfpipe.jar
fhalfpipe.jar -> java.desktop
   us.hall.osx.OSXApplication                         -> com.apple.eio.FileManager                          JDK internal API (java.desktop)

recognizing it as a java.desktop internal API.
If I look at the web page suggested to find replacements I see only com.apple.eawt and not com.apple.eio?

If there is no ongoing intention to support this API in the JDK I had at some point included them with a GitHub project. 
Would there be any problems or licensing concerns with me providing them that way? I think all the Apple contributed was Classpath Exception but I’m not entirely sure what requirements that involves for my use of it?

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