<AWT Dev> <Swing Dev> [10] Review request for 8182043: Access to Windows Large Icons

Semyon Sadetsky semyon.sadetsky at oracle.com
Fri Sep 29 23:08:19 UTC 2017

On 9/29/2017 3:15 PM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
> On 9/29/17 12:39, Semyon Sadetsky wrote:
>>>> Why 128 pixels? Windows shell usually provides icons up to 256 
>>>> pixels, for example there are 256×256 icons for folders and generic 
>>>> file type.
>>> It is limitation of our implementation:
>>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8151385
>>> http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/awt-dev/2016-March/010777.html
>> Sergey, it is not clear how those links are related to the icon size 
>> returned by Windows?
> It was a fix where the MAX_ICON_SIZE=128 was added.
Actually it limits nothing. We told about the Extract call which may 
return any size.
>>> As far as I understand the bug above, it is possible that OS returns 
>>> some other size.
>> You've probably didn't understand what Alexey meant. The Extract call 
>> may return any size you request (it does scaling internally if there 
>> are no suitable image) > But the bug above is about queering the 
>> fixed size
>> (small or long) which size is determined by OS shell according to the 
>> current scale. For those fixed sizes we use SHGetFileInfo not the 
>> Extract.
> And every time we will try to make an icon it will be limited to 
> 128x128. But it is not critical.
> The issue is that this api, as you said, will depends from some 
> general "current scale". which is unrelated to the transform of the 
> screen in java.
> If the user will want to use FILE_ICON_LARGE, then to work properly he 
> will need to use this code every time in the the paint():
> Icon icon = getSystemIcon(file, FILE_ICON_LARGE);
> Icon hicon = getSystemIcon(file, icon.getIconWidth()*currentScreenScale);
This is just wrong. The first line is the correct one for both HiDPI and 
nonHiDPI. If you want to have icons like in native apps. For custom 
behavior - please use the second line.

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