<AWT Dev> Unwanted MOUSE_MOVED break dispatching MOUSE_RELEASED to the right component

Semyon Sadetsky semyon.sadetsky at oracle.com
Thu Feb 22 18:16:27 UTC 2018

Thank you, Christoph. It will be prioritized and assigned to Oracle 
engineer soon. If you are interested to get it evaluated more quickly 
feel free to propose a patch on this alias and it will be reviewed and 


On 02/22/2018 04:54 AM, Langer, Christoph wrote:
> Hi,
> I’ve opened a bug for this: 
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8198550
> Best regards
> Christoph
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> *Cc:* Woersinger, Rolf-Martin <rolf-martin.woersinger at sap.com>; 
> Denkel, Christian <christian.denkel at sap.com>
> *Subject:* Re: <AWT Dev> Unwanted MOUSE_MOVED break dispatching 
> MOUSE_RELEASED to the right component
> Hello Matthias,
> If so, please, file a bug to https://bugreport.java.com/
> --Semyon
> On 01/09/2018 12:09 AM, Weidemann, Matthias wrote:
>     Hello Sadetsky,
>     The discussion you linked to me seems to be a similar problem, but
>     the fix discussed there happens specifically in the method
>     Container.retargetMouseEnterExit(…). The problem we have happens
>     in MOUSE_MOVED, so while this fix might fix the problem in the
>     discussion it won’t fix ours.
>     Kind Regards,
>     Matthias
>     *From: *Semyon Sadetsky <semyon.sadetsky at oracle.com>
>     <mailto:semyon.sadetsky at oracle.com>
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>     *Cc: *"Woersinger, Rolf-Martin" <rolf-martin.woersinger at sap.com>
>     <mailto:rolf-martin.woersinger at sap.com>, "Denkel, Christian"
>     <christian.denkel at sap.com> <mailto:christian.denkel at sap.com>
>     *Subject: *Re: <AWT Dev> Unwanted MOUSE_MOVED break dispatching
>     MOUSE_RELEASED to the right component
>     Hi Matthias,
>     Thank you for your e-mail.
>     It seems a fix for this bug is already under discussion on this
>     thread:
>     http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/swing-dev/2017-December/008077.html
>     --Semyon
>     On 01/04/2018 04:56 AM, Weidemann, Matthias wrote:
>         Hello everyone,
>         we found a rare occurrence of a bug in JDK1.8 and onwards,
>         might also occur earlier but we didn’t check for that.
>         In some instances MOUSE_MOVED events occur between a
>         MOUSE_PRESSED and a MOUSE_RELEASED. In Container.java on
>         MOUSE_PRESSED the component is remembered in an instance
>         variable to send a corresponding MOUSE_RELEASED to it.
>         The same instance variable is used for the MOUSE_MOVED Event,
>         so if there are MOUSE_MOVED Events between a MOUSE_PRESSED and
>         MOUSE_RELEASED the corresponding MOUSE_RELEASE will be
>         reported to the "wrong" component.
>         I attached a simple example to replicate the error.
>         I included hardware specifications, because the occurrence
>         fluctuates with the hardware used. We got the best results to
>         reproduce with the Macbook and the magic mouse shown below.
>         With a trackpad it is almost impossible to replicate.
>         *How to:*Move the mouse in the blue rectangle VERY FAST from
>         left to right or vice versa. Release the mousebutton near the
>         end of the drag, while you are still in motion.
>         We are using a workaround for this, the same custom queue
>         built into the example. If we are between MOUSE_PRESSED and
>         MOUSE_RELEASED we do not dispatch MOUSE_MOVED Events.
>         We would still like to see this bug fixed or at least have
>         different instance variables for MOUSE_PRESSED and MOUSE_MOVED
>         so we get the MOUSE_RELEASE on the right component.
>         Kind Regards,
>         Matthias Weidemann
>         *Matthias Weidemann
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